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Fix your Google results now!

No one asks people for job references or background information anymore, they ask Google. And if your name turns up news reports, legal filings, embarrassing party photos, or other questionable material, you’re likely to get passed over.

You are what your search results are.

When people Google your name, they take the results at face value and judge you on that information, even if it’s untrue (or about someone else).

Negative search results hurt.

The longer a bad link appears in your search results, the more people see it and the more damage it does to your career, finances, and your relationships.

The internet
never forgets.

Once something negative is posted online about you it’s there forever, slowly eroding your reputation and limiting your opportunities for a better life.

There are no second chances.

Because it’s so easy to look elsewhere on the Internet, unflattering search results can severely limit opportunities for improving your life and livelihood.