Get More Exposure for Your Facebook Real Estate Page

Running A Facebook Ad In 5 Steps

Most real estate pros will agree in that if they simply make a post to their page, they’re good to go for the next few days. Wrong. If you’re trying to become a resource in your area then your posts have to be consistent, knowledgable, fun and engaging.


Don’t Annoy Your Audience

Annoying Realtor on Facebook

Try to follow the 80/20 Rule (view our article we wrote here on what the 80/20 Rule is and why real estate professionals need to be using it). If you’re constantly sharing market data or your open house dates, then your followers are going to become disengaged and your reach will soon drop. Don’t treat your Facebook Page as your personal trophy room where you tout about your new listings, closings and listing appointments. That’s not why your followers are following you. They’re following you so they can stay informed, be friendly and if you’ve got some great relevant information then they’ll more than likely share that post to their page too. After all, if they’re your friends and want to see you do well, then simply sharing one of your posts can help you out for next to nothing on their end.


Provide Great Information

If you plan to tackle social media, are a Realtor or Loan Officer, and not sure which platform to start on, we’ll make it easy for you. PICK FACEBOOK! Facebook gives real estate professionals the best chance for success with their robust options of advertising targeting objectives, strategies for engagement and more. When you merge great information with engaging photos, the results are always great. Sharing a photo in any post improves your post reach by 94%!

Gaining More Exposure for Your Facebook Page


Outbound Links to Other Great Resources

Come across someone’s content or information that you think your audience would enjoy? Share it with them! No need to copy and paste it just to make it appear as if you wrote it. Share the content and link directly to it and also tag the author/source in the post. That author/source may see that you shared it and come and comment/like the post. It shows your audience that you’re authentic and value great information over sneaky bait and switch tactics. It will also give your page a slight boost by doing so if the posts reach is great enough!

Outbound Linking on Facebook


Inbound Links to Your Facebook Page

Have you created some outstanding content that you feel your audience should see? Well then don’t forget to tell them on your website to go and visit your Facebook page for more great information and helpful tips. By continually cycling your traffic from your website to your social media and from your social media to your website, you’ll begin to deliver great value while boosting your Facebook page as a must have resource.


Including Your Facebook Page In Your Marketing

This one may sound simple but it’s often either very neglected or over done. You should certainly have your website URL in all of your social media information that you’re sharing. Likewise, you should have your Facebook Page link in your website content, marketing information, yard signs etc. Make sure to tell people to visit your website and LIKE your Facebook page. Just implying or hoping that they will LIKE your Facebook Page isn’t good enough. But as mentioned, don’t over do it by adding the Facebook logo to every piece of marketing you have.

Including Your Facebook Page In Your Real Estate Marketing


Running Facebook Advertisements

If you don’t mind spending some money to get the job done, then Facebook Advertising can definitely help get you where you’re wanting to go. It can be awfully confusing at first, but if you want the easiest most effective way to begin to improve your Page’s exposure, here’s a simple guide we put together:



Go to Ads Manager and for the marketing objective, select Engagement and title your Campaign Name.

Best Facebook Engagement Ads For Realtors 1 of 5




Select your audience you want to target (age, location, sex, language, interests).

Best Facebook Engagement Ads For Realtors 2 of 5

TIP: If you’re new to running ads, stay within a specific radius and don’t add too many interests (stick to 2-4 good ones).




Select where you want to place your ads (Facebook News Feed, Instagram News Feed, Audience Network etc.). These platforms are where your ads will be displayed.

Best Facebook Engagement Ads For Realtors 3 of 5

TIP: When running an Engagement Ad and using an existing post, only select Facebook ✅ Feeds.




Select your budget. You have the option of selecting a Daily Budget (never ending) or you can set a Lifetime Budget (ends on a specific date).

Best Facebook Engagement Ads For Realtors 4 of 5




You’ll want to Select an Existing Post and then simply select which post you want to advertise to get engagement for.

Best Facebook Engagement Ads For Realtors 5 of 5

TIP: Save more money while reaching more of your audience at a low CPE (Cost per Engagement) by going to your past posts and selecting one that had a higher than normal amount of people reached (screenshot example below).

Real Estate Facebook Engagement Ad Tip


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