5 Great Examples of Real Estate Squeeze Page Designs

Landing pages are the perfect opportunity to give your audience what they want on a golden platter, but if you present the wrong gift, or do it the wrong way, you’ve thrown away your shot. As an entrepreneur, you know each customer is way too valuable to be this disposable. But you’re in luck: we collected 5 squeeze page examples so you don’t have to.

You’ve got to instantly establish your authority and present a really solid call to action in an impactful and convincing manner to reel in your leads. The people visiting your page should need what you have to offer.

At The Reputation Shop, we’re all about helping people get more conversions with less work. We believe good business should be efficient, honest and beneficial for both parties. We’ve seen a handful of top-tier entrepreneurs swing for the fences and attain incredible conversion rates with this attitude. Here are their squeeze pages above, we hope you enjoy and get some good marketing inspiration!

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